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The Apple of my Eye September 22, 2008

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This was a random photo I took of my eye and in the process also captured the reflection of my dear boy. He truly is the apple of my eye. I thank God every day that he gave me him. Enjoy. Can you find him? The first one is the original (in color) the second one is one I played with on Picasa.

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We are still here

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Since the beginning of the month we have been playing catch up. Mainly because I started the month with the Flu. Over labor day weekend I got sick and stayed in such state for a week and a half. Luckily Dave saw I wasn’t getting any better every time he would have to leave for work and I was left to chase after Josiah myself, so he took three days off and commanded I stay in bed. I am all better now but was putting the house back together the last few weeks since being out of commission. Josiah is everywhere. For the last month and a half he has been crawling. Then at the beginning of the month he began pulling up on everything in sight. His newest challenge has been higher objects which he has volunteered Bear to be his step stool, yes he began standing on Bear. Thank goodness Bear is so patient with him. Anyway, I didn’t disappear, I am still dedicated to trying to put a post a week. We are still waiting to hear if we will be going home soon. Pictures are soon to come. Have a great day.


Roll Tide! August 21, 2008

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It was cold this past weekend, the first signs of fall so the sweat suit got good use. Dave made sure  that Josiah was prepared for his first Alabama football season and was already representing. Which starts a week from this Saturday.

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Baby Jar of Buttons Swap

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My matchbox of paperclips swap was cancelled to my dismay because I had already whipped something together. Oh well maybe I can pass it along to someone. My best friend is a teacher in school, could she use some paperclips? So my next swap was this baby jar of buttons swap. I had fun putting it together. However I was disappointed in my creativity and execution, but still had fun that is what matters when crafting. The blue painted baby jar was hastily thrown together at the last minute because I reread the requirements for the swap and they specified the 4 oz. glass. However I had already put the other plastic one together so she will get a bonus. Most of the baby food I buy comes in the plastic containers I almost began to think they discontinued making the glass. But I managed to find them. Again I took an excessive amount of pictures of the finished product. I still hope you enjoy.

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A Labor of Love

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James will be celebrating his third birthday on Sunday and I wanted to send something extra special. Something that was from the heart that also had a handmade element. If you haven’t noticed I have been on a handmade kick lately. My goal is to incorporate this into most of my gift giving if not all if possible. It has been a lot of fun and a huge learning experience to be able to do such projects. Anyway as I said for James’ birthday this year I had something extra special. My parents were able to come across a train set that belonged to his Uncle Richie. So I knew what I must do pass it along as I knew he would want. They shipped it to me and I went to work on an extra special presentation of the train set that had no box.¬† I went to Michael’s and bought to plain wood boxes, some wooden letters, two wooden train decals, paint, brushes, and clear coat (polyurethane). To work I went. After a couple of coats of paint and the clear coat Dave and I felt it was missing something. So off to Wal-Mart we went in search of some felt to insert into the inside of the box where the trains and tracks would be kept. We also were able to find the perfect card to go along with the gift. A Thomas the Train card that toots when you open it, how awesome is that?! Although he had his Thomas the Train birthday last year I think he will still enjoy it. I’m sorry if the pictures seem excessive, I’m just trying to hone my photography skills and play around with different features on the camera. It is my desire to be better at it. I hope you enjoy the pictures of the finished product. Have a great day.

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New Outfits August 10, 2008

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I have to give a huge thank you to Maggie, Jim, and James R. They sent us a great package filled with a couple of new adorable outfits for Josiah. I took some photos of him wearing them for a thank you card I sent them so I thought I would share the photos with everyone.

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Crepe Paper Flowers August 5, 2008

Filed under: Projects — davidandheather @ 6:28 pm

Saturday we went to Michael’s in search of a few things to add to my Pretty in Pink swap package. While there we stumbled upon the Martha Stewart craft section. They had these great crepe paper flower kits on clearance for $9.00, originally $19.99. So I picked up two to try out, the tulip kits of course, my favorite flower. When I got to the register they were ringing up for only $1.49. So I checked out and made a beeline right back to the remaining kits and bought them all. Am I crazy or what, but hey they were only a 1.49 each. I’m sure I will find use for them. Plus they come with the how to cards so you can continue to make more, all you have to do is buy more crepe paper. So I started working on the rose kit today to see how everything comes out, basically will it look the same as on the box. Here are a few photos of the flowers in process. I will post the end result when I am finished.

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